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Our New TV Channel SBS VICELAND Launches 15 November

We're partnering with SBS 2 to bring you the best of VICE, 24-hours a day. We also have a phone number—You should call it.

Dear VICE Fans,

As you might be aware, we're launching a TV channel. It's a free-to-air partnership with SBS, overseen by director Spike Jonze, beaming the best of VICE into your living room 24-hours a day.

SBS VICELAND will launch on Tuesday November 15 at 4 PM, and we really couldn't be more excited.

So what's with the phone number? Well, there are several ways to answer that, and all of them involve dialing 1800-321-511. Tell us what you want from a TV channel. Tell us what you don't want from a TV channel. Tell us what you're wearing. We're all ears.