Faces of Angst at the Republican National Convention

Faces of Angst at the Republican National Convention

Photographer Peter Larson captures the power and passion of communication through the strained faces of protestors.
July 21, 2016, 5:27am

For the past few days, photographer Peter Larson has immersed himself in the bedlam that is the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. As one might expect, given presidential nominee Donald Trump's penchant for creating controversy, Trump's coronation has fostered an environment of contention and divisiveness that is as obvious among the #NeverTrump delegates on the convention floor as it is among the flag-burning protestors out in the streets.

Photographed primarily in Public Square, the space outside the convention's restricted zone has become the key place for citizens to demonstrate as well as show support for the candidates during the convention, and prove that the First Amendment is alive and well in city of Cleveland. These photos were captured while the subjects were in the midst of marches, hot debates, and fiery tirades. Through strained visages, they show the power and passion of communication at the RNC.

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