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VICE Meets Aman Mojadidi, the Artist Who Merges Bling and Jihad

We caught up with the Afghan American artist to discuss how he's used humor and sarcasm to address sensitive issues about war and conflict in his work.

Aman Mojadidi is an Afghan American visual artist who uses his own personal experiences and cultural studies to address conflict, identity, and globalization through art. His work has been featured in exhibits in major cities all over the world, and he's also credited for playing a crucial role in the resurgence of Kabul's art scene.

After relocating to Afghanistan in 2003, Mojadidi created a number of works that used humor and irony to address the country's relationship with conflict, jihadi terrorism, and the United States. Today, he lives in Paris and creates site-specific installations that focus on global political issues such as migration and Guantánamo Bay.

On this episode of VICE Meets, we caught up with Mojadidi in Paris to discuss how his environment influences his artistic approach and how he's been able to use sarcasm to address sensitive issues about war and conflict.