The VICE Morning Bulletin
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Putin apparently wants Microsoft out of Russia, a US gas price hike is expected after a deadly pipeline explosion in Alabama, Assad plans to rule Syria until at least 2021, and more.
November 2, 2016, 1:30pm

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US News

Putin Wants Microsoft Out of Russia
Vladimir Putin's government wants to purge Russian government offices of foreign software, according to a senior US intelligence official. The Kremlin may also cut off access to the career networking site LinkedIn, which Microsoft is said to be acquiring.—NBC News

Attorney General Discusses Email Investigation with FBI Director
Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI director James Comey huddled about the latest developments in the probe of Hillary Clinton's emails on Monday. The Justice Department has told Congress it would try to help the investigation happen "as expeditiously as possible."—CBS News


Obama Asks Men to Check Their Sexism about Hillary
While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio Monday, President Obama asked male voters to "look inside" themselves and question whether gender is an issue. "If you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is… that we're not just used to it?"—ABC News

Gas Price Hike Expected After Deadly Pipeline Explosion
One worker was killed and several more injured after a gasoline pipeline erupted in Alabama on Monday, sparking a massive fire. The Colonial Pipeline Co. shutdown will restrict gasoline supplies to millions of Americans in the Southeast and is expected to raise gas prices, but the pipeline could reopen as early as Saturday.—The Wall Street Journal

International News

Assad Plans to Rule Syria for a Long Time
In a meeting with several dozen Western journalists and analysts, a confident Syrian president Bashar al Assad blamed the rebels, ISIS, and the US government for prolonging his country's civil war and said he expected to be president until at least 2021. —New York Times

South Korea Appoints New PM Amid Cronyism Scandal
President Park Geun-hye is reshuffling her cabinet as a furor over a friend who helped write speeches and may have had access to classified material rages on. The woman at the center of the scandal, Choi Soon-sil, remains in custody.—The Guardian

Venezuelan Opposition Postpones Mock Trial of President
The Venezuelan government has freed four activists and the opposition has postponed a symbolic trial of President Nicolás Maduro in Congress as the Vatican tries to respond to unrest there. But opposition leaders also want some 100 jailed activists released and for elections to be fast-tracked.—Reuters


Fire at Karaoke Bar in Vietnam Kills 13
Thirteen people perished in a blaze at a karaoke bar in Hanoi Tuesday, engulfing adjacent buildings and taking hours for firefighters to contain.—BBC News

Everything Else

Louis CK Hails Hillary Clinton for Being a 'Tough Bitch'
The comedian made a passionate endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night's Conan. Describing her as a "tough bitch mother," he said: "If you vote for Hillary, you're a grown-up. If you vote for Trump, you're a sucker. If you don't vote for anybody, you're an asshole."—The Hollywood Reporter

David Bowie Emoji to Appear in iPhone Update
A tribute to the late musician in the form of an emoji based on the cover of his Aladdin Sane album will accompany Apple's iOS 10.2 update. It is among 16 new emojis, and will be available in both male and female forms.—Rolling Stone

Seventy-One Percent of Musicians Experience Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Study Says
In a new report from the Help Musicians mental-health charity, 71 percent of musicians reported experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, and 67 percent said they have suffered from depression. It is thought to be the largest-ever study of its kind.—Noisey

Millennials Drinking Global Coffee Supply Dry
A new report from Bloomberg suggests young people between the ages of 19- and 34-years-old now make up 44 percent of coffee drinkers in the US. It also warned supplies are under threat in major coffee-producing regions like South America.—Munchies

Anti-Pipeline Tribe Will Defend Its Wireless Network
Standing Rock Telecom, a tribe-owned wireless service provider, has pledged to fight for its survival in the face of the Dakota Access Pipeline and potential encorachment from larger telecom companies. "We as tribal nations have never given up our airspace," said manager Fred McLaughlin.—Motherboard