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Watch the Trailer for Nick Jonas’ New Frat Movie

Plus Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate star in a new indie rom-com.

This is the last real weekend of summer so enjoy it while it lasts by watching some movie trailers and talking shit about lazy horror film directors.

Damn Dev Patel looks good with a beard. Based on a true story, Luke Davies adapted Saroo Brierley's book A Long Way Home about a young man who was separated from his family at a young age and then uses technology to retrace his steps back to India. It sounds a bit schmaltzy but the trailer is emotional and captivating and, I don't know, I cried.

My Blind Brother
This trailer has everything I want. Adam Scott playing another dick brother. Nick Kroll in an understated romantic lead role. Jenny Slate being Jenny Slate. This is like indie movie BINGO. I'm here for all of this.

The Disappointments Room
LOL. The best thing about this trailer is when the text, "From the director of Disturbia" appears. Ah yes, that masterpiece. Say no more. Stop the trailer immediately, I will watch this movie in its entirety at the theatre. The director of Disturbia? My god why didn't you just say so at the beginning of the trailer and save yourself some editing time? Anyway, as usual a creepy family moves into a haunted mansion without researching the previous owners and then they find a secret room and someone's gettin' killed. Please stop making this movie.

This looks at times, shot for shot, like the jaw-dropping Todd Phillips documentary Frat House. Shot in the late 90s, Frat House featured Phillips and his filmmaking partner Andrew Gurland pledging Alpha Tau Omega, a fraternity who had its charter revoked in 2000. The doc first played at Sundance in 1998, was bought by HBO but then never released. There was a lot of controversy around staged scenes but Frat House remains the wildest, most terrifyingly real depiction of frat "hell week" I've ever seen. I mean, Goat also looks fine but if you really want to know what it's like to live inside the minds of pledges, watch Frat House.

What would we do without Christopher Guest? If not for the beloved Waiting for Guffman director's ongoing satirical take on society's cultural fringe we'd exist in a world without Parker Posey and Jennifer Coolidge and that would be wrong and disgusting. His latest Netflix-funded look at the competitive world of mascotting looks as fucking amazing as it sounds.

A Dog's Purpose
Just straight up, I cried the entire time I watched this bye. (Editor's note: She's not joking.)

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