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NOIA Says Don't Idealize the Future in Her Video for “Nostalgia Del Futuro”

Step into the artsy, awesome world of this Brooklyn-based, Barcelona-born artist.

NOIA's "Nostalgia Del Futuro" is one of those songs that will connect with audiences despite language barriers. NOIA is the guise of Brooklyn-based, Barcelona-born Gisela Fulla-Silvestre, and below is the premiere of her video for "Nostalgia Del Futuro." Lifted from her debut EP Habits (out last month), according to Fulla-Silvestre, the track is the product of her feelings about "the recurring and destructive feeling so many of us have of idealizing the future as a perfect place that we're constantly striving for, but never actually reaching."


The track's deep and continuous pulsing beat remind us this is a pop song at its core. Beyond that initial layer, we're introduced to NOIA's soaring, dreamy vocals as she yearns for a future that isn't there. Underwater melodic tones and percussive samples are brought fantastically to the fore when you listen on headphones.  The video meanwhile is "a very active collaboration between really talented women from Barcelona," explains the singer.  "Director Laura Martinova and I really wanted to take advantage of historical neighborhoods of Barcelona."

The Spanish city's Jardins Del Teatre Grec's replica of a Greek amphitheater and the church of Sant Felip Neri's pockmarked, bullet scarred walls (the result of Franco bombardments of the city during the civil war) serve as the backdrop for a visually captivating performance. History is a constant theme throughout this slightly absurdist video, one which Fulla-Silvestre would like to avoid as she pines for a future "where new forms of non-capitalist democracies arise."

Watch below.

Habits is out now.​ ​