Transcripts Reveal Weird Comments from 'Skin Man' Donald Trump

"She needs some serious fucking dermatology," the Republican presidential nominee said of one contestant on his TV show.
October 10, 2016, 8:40pm
​ Photo via Flickr user Michael Vadon

Donald Trump, a man whose burnt-umber skin belongs on a painting of the American Southwest, shit-talked a female contestant's skin during a shoot for The Apprentice, according to show transcripts released Monday by the Huffington Post.

Although the hunt for behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes from Trump's reality show have turned up empty so far, HuffPost was able to get its hands on some typed transcripts from the show's ninth season, during an episode where contestants had to spruce up a musician's career. One of those musicians was country singer Emily West, and Trump takes issue with her skin.

"Don't put this shit on the show," he says according to the typed transcript. "But her skin, her skin sucks, OK? I mean her skin, she needs some serious fucking dermatology."

Trump is also captured telling country music star Trace Adkins, "You're obviously not a skin man." The Donald later reiterated the point, pounding the table and saying, "which is okay… I wish I wasn't."

Singer Cyndi Lauper, who helped manage West on the episode, confirmed the transcript was legit. "That's just the way he is," she told HuffPost. "It is just very disappointing."

"Of all people to talk about people's skin," Lauper added. "What the hell is going on with his?"

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