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Holy Shit! Drake Has Remixed Teenage South London Rapper Dave

Drake continues his reign as the fairy godfather of rap, by co-signing the rising Streatham rapper.

Everyone says your 30th birthday is the "big one", so what should you do? Skydive off the shard to prove you're still alive, kicking and definitely not hurtling towards your inevitable place in the grave, right next to poor old auntie Sandra? Or do what you do every other year and hammer the Jägerbombs​ – the morning-after taste of petrol station pasty and a banging headache an inevitable reminder that you're really not as young as you used to be? If you are Drake, however, and you turned 30 last night, your answer to the "big one" is apparently to take a sip from the fountain of youth via association. One of the four new songs he premiered on last night's episode of OVO Sound Radio is a remix of 17-year-old South London rapper Dave's "Wanna Know".


As we all know, Drake is obsessed with new UK talent, and Dave fits that bill. The teenager originally released "Wanna Know" last month, and the track has since racked up half a million views on YouTube, clearly catching the attention of the 6 God himself in the process. ​Despite having released some of the most fire bars this year (see: "Picture Me​", "JKL + HYD​" and his Fire in the Booth​), Dave is still studying at college. Imagine being his teacher this morning – "Dave get off your phone!" / "Miss I literally just got remixed by actual Drake".

Soak up the meeting of two great minds below, and read more about Dave via our friends over at i-D​.

(Lead image via YouTube)