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Get Your Teeth Rattled With Sex Drive’s Latest Track Of Snarling Aussie Punk

One of the best punk bands in Australia share a wild track from their forthcoming record.

Sex Drive's appearance in a small room upstairs at the Tote at Maggot Fest this year turned into a wild, shambolic and insane performance. Some of my teeth still feel loose. The Gold Coast band were able to blend hardcore with fiery Aussie punk rock that sounded like a more amphetamine fuelled version of the Saints' Eternally Yours or X's Aspirations.  

They were one of the definite highights of what was a wild weekend.


The band are back with "Hate Home", a new track taken from their forthcoming 7" on Sexy Romance records. Like the demo that came out last year, the new track burns like battery acid and skims with volatile aggression but also a good dose of melody. It also sounds very Australian. That guitar line could come from an early Cosmic Psychos album as much as it could Eddy Current Suppression Ring's Primary Colours.

Good stuff. If you ever get the opportunity to see these guys in a small enclosed space that's crowded with agitated, drunk and drugged punks, then do so.

Sex Drive's 7" will be available Feb/March 2017 on Sexy Romance records.

Image: YouTube