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Watch The Avalanches's Animated, Boobs-Obsessed Video for "Subways"

Are those boobs? Yep. How about there? Yes, they are also boobs.

It says a lot about the insanity of the last couple months that Wildflower, The Avalanches’s first record since 2000’s Since I Left You, feels like it was released a year ago. In any other year, they’d have held the news cycle for a month at least and their album—critically acclaimed, it must be said—would be getting heavy rotation. But things have moved quickly in 2016. The Avalanches are back, it’s good, we’re all quite happy about it, and they now release videos that we can watch and enjoy on a regular basis.


So here’s “Subways.” It’s a wonderfully animated, 70s-inspired walk through the New York City subway system with one of Wildflower’s dreamier cuts playing in the background. It’s fun and a sex reference is only ever a couple seconds away. It’s the creation of French artists Mrzyk & Moriceau whose work you should check out here.

Watch “Subways” below.

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