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Raging with Thunder Zone

Mega-hyper Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx is releasing his own energy drink via his record label. We talked to him about all this brand synergy.
April 30, 2012, 4:00am

The first release on Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx’s label, Thunder Zone, was a 7-inch for southern rap iconoclasts G-SIDE. Next up: an energy drink. It’s part of what he calls a no-rules endeavor about endless possibility, where a collection of artificial fingernails may become part of the mix in the near future. He says his next record, the pre-order for which is available by supporting production for his energy drink, “is for fans of Bruce Springsteen and Public Enemy.”

We asked him a few questions about all this brand synergy.


VICE: Why an energy drink? Aren't there enough out there?
Juiceboxxx: It's less about just doing an energy drink and more about the concept of a record label releasing an energy drink, giving it a catalog number, all that. Sort of like the old Factory Records model updated for a new generation of ragers. A drink that kids can really believe in. I'm just trying to do wild projects that personally get me psyched.

It was supposed to go on Kickstarter, what happened?
Doing energy drinks is actually prohibited by Kickstarter, so I was declined at first, but then they reversed their decision and approved me after a well-written essay that kind of broke down what Thunder Zone as a label/brand is all about. Then I made a really sick video for the campaign that I guess didn't have enough ukuleles in the background or something and they denied me again. It's all good though.

Ha, sorry! How is your drink special?
The drink is just one part of a larger vision for what Thunder Zone is going to be as a label. We got a lot of cool things on deck. I'm putting out my new LP I Don't Wanna Go Into The Darkness on the label, the only way to pre-order it is by donating to the Indiegogo for the energy drink. It's all about new concepts for the music game in 2K12, where there are truly no rules.  Also, the actual can design looks blazing hot.

Who is making it?
Gotta keep that secret, let's just say I got some connects in Vegas. It's going to taste great and get you zooted.

OK, can you tell me any ingredients or flavors of the drink?
There will be some taurine and guarana in the motherfucking mix!

So Thunder Zone is your vision?
Yeah, for now it is just me with help from some friends. I have big plans but like everything else I've ever done with Juiceboxxx, I'm playing the long game. I've been rapping since I was 15 and I know it's fucking insane but I'm dedicated to the cause. What else am I going to do, start a fucking indie rock band?

Good point.