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Rubberband ballin'

December 4, 2006, 3:00am

The rubberband ball scene is going bananas after a giant new ball broke the world record. We asked a former record holder, Matt Whitlock, for the skinny on rubberband ballin'.
Vice: So how did you get into it?
Matt: I was about 10 and I was in my dad's office and I was very bored. The receptionist started talking to me and showed me a small rubberband ball. I started one and brought it home and ever since then I kept working on it. I used to spend so much time on it...

Where is the ball now?
The ball is now sitting next to the shed on the side of my house. I got it up to 150 pounds. The top layer of rubberbands is kinda decaying but it still holds its shape. It would need another 1000 pounds to even be close to the new record.

So what's the scene like?
I kinda started the online community with the Yahoo! club I made and the websites I made. People are still very much into it but since a lot of us were young when we did this, we've gotten older and kinda grown out of it.

Why did you give it up?
I stopped doing it to concentrate on school and because it took too much time. It's more fun to hang out with friends then work on the ball now that I am older and can drive. My big hobby is eBay now and I do a bunch of selling.

Did you feel a little bit jealous when you saw the new ball?
I met the former world record holder John Bain once when I was on TV. I think is awesome how the record has now gotten even bigger and I am glad to see people are still working on theirs.

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