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Help Me See New Colours

Scientists have discovered people who can see 100 times as many colours as me. Are you one of them?

Human beings can see a fuckload of colours because of a bunch of complicated stuff in their eyeballs. Apparently there are something like a million colours for the average, boring person's brain to paint the world with. Which you think would be enough. But it seems scientists have discovered that walking amongst us are a select few, a scattered population with superhuman sight. These supreme beings have been gifted with vision 100 times more intense and varied than regular folk, and are capable of seeing 100 million hues and colours as opposed to the normal (and frankly pathetic) one million colours. Not only that, but they think they've found one. Big news, right? So what do all these new colours look like? Well, it's kinda difficult to work out. Most regular people have only seen the regular million or so shades, so the language and words used to describe them are too primitive for the job. There are no secret unlocked colour wheels on Adobe software to help clear things up, either. Most importantly, I haven't actually met any of these super-sighted freaks to help describe their superior visual trip. But i'd like to. In the interests of science, I'm reaching out to you. I want you to contact me if you think you have this extra-special sight. Do you think you can see more colours than anyone else? Do you find it hard to describe the colours you're seeing right now? Well, maybe you have super-vision. How could you utilise this special power?

Get in touch at joshua [dot] haddow [at] vice [dot] com and let me know. This goes for everyone: if you think you've seen a new colour, I wanna hear about it. What does it look like? Stick it in the comments below. Have you been seeing colours that other people can't see? Tell me your story. You know how some people think turquoise is kinda greeny-blue, but other people describe it as sort of bluey-green, and then some dumb-asses think it might even have a hint of purple in it? (Seriously, WTF guys, purple?!) Well, this might be why. Either that or people are just fucking ignorant to the concept of turquoise (it's bluey-green, BTW). Follow Josh on Twitter: @joshuahaddow