These Argentinian Guys Fucking Hate Us


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These Argentinian Guys Fucking Hate Us

They're burning Union Jacks and effigies of Prince William.

Photos by Patricio Murphy

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the start of the Falklands War between Great Britain and Argentina. On the 2nd of April, 1982, Argentina, led by General Galtieri's military junta, invaded the tiny set of islands 8,000 miles from the UK in an effort to provide Argentinians with a flag-waving distraction from the deep economic and social malaise they found themselves mired in back home. Since 1833, Great Britain has claimed sovereignty over the islands, though Argentina strongly disputes this and calls the islands "las Islas Malvinas". Six weeks after the invasion, a British military task force arrived and took back the islands after two months of fierce fighting.


Since the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, was re-elected last year there has been an increase in tensions surrounding the Falklands-Malvinas issue. Claims of Argentinian sovereignty have been made, some say after oil was found off the coast of the Falklands. Even Morrissey and hero to the downtrodden Sean Penn have had their say.

To commemorate the war, veterans and politicians gathered at the cenotaph in Buenos Aires to lay wreaths, whilst down at the British embassy another group of people remembered the war a little differently. The ultra left-wing and anti-imperialist Patriotic Revolutionary Movement – or "Quebracho" – gathered at the embassy and burnt effigies of Prince William and the Union Jack, attacked HSBC and fought with the police.

Patricio Murphy, a Buenos Aires based photojournalist, was there to document the two protests, and told me a little about the Quebrachos. "These small radical groups see the British as pirates, and consider the UK to be Argentina's greatest enemy, going as far back as the 1806 British Invasions to support that theory.

"They claim, though, that a new war is not desirable, and instead would prefer to confiscate, nationalise and attack British businesses in order to attack the 'imperial' interests. Part of the folklore of the demonstrations by these groups is the burning of the UK flag. This time, they added a doll that represents Prince William."


Maybe you think that's a bit harsh on our balding, blue-blooded centaur, but then Wills did have the temerity to spend six weeks on the Falklands as a search and rescue pilot back in January, a move that was seen by President Kirchner as an act of British aggression. It probably didn't help make the vibes any less militant when we sent over a brand new destroyer and submarine, too.

"It seems that the British government has indeed militarised the issue," Patricio says. "The idea of another war with Argentina is ridiculous: Argentina's armed forces, right now, are in no position to engage in a war, let alone with one of the world's most powerful armies. The only reason I can see for this is that the British government is using the prospect of a war to divert attention from other issues."

To hear from the other side, I spoke to Tony Davies OBE, who's chairman of the Falklands Veteran Foundation. "We think it is such a shame that after 30 years the Argentine Government still persist in sabre rattling and bringing tension to the situation in the South Atlantic. It would be far better for all concerned, including Argentina, if the three Governments – the Falkland Islands, Great Britain and Argentina – sat down and worked together for the good of the Islands, islanders and the region.

"The fate of the Islanders lies entirely in their own hands," continued Davies. "They have chosen to remain British and the British government has and will support their wishes, always! The Islands will never be forcibly taken and hopefully there will never be another conflict. Far too many people died and are still suffering on both sides after 1982, which should never have happened. They will never shake the resolve of the Islanders or the British people in this matter. It is a pity, we should all be good friends."


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