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Nothing Says 'Jesus Has Risen' Like a French Rave

Kitsune and Don't Panic are throwing a party this Easter Sunday.

What are you doing this Easter Sunday – eating chocolate and watching ancient Jesus movies?

Pffft. You Brits are so boring.

I will be roasting some lamb, listening to Greek songs about goats talking to God about feta cheese and ouzo, and enthusiastically telling everyone who can understand English when it's spoken in my thick, Athenian accent that Jesus has risen.

If you don't share my wondrous origins, the next best thing you can do is make your way to Heaven in Charing Cross for the Kitsune/ Don't Panic Maison Party.

DJs will include The Magician, Jaymo & Andy George, Punks Jump Up and Russ Chimes, while Is Tropical, Citizens! and Juveniles will be playing live.

And because French record/ fashion labels love us, Kitsune are offering a special discount for any tickets bought by VICE readers. All you have to do is click here and use the promo code PARIS before sharing your bank card details with the internet.

Have fun!