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What Does Liverpool Think of Thatcher's Funeral?

"We have to spend money on all kinds of crap, so it may as well go on that as well."
April 17, 2013, 1:00pm

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Today was Margaret Thatcher's funeral, where those speaking talked of her family, reminded us that she was, in fact, a mortal human and spoke of her politics and her policies that ended up benefitting the nation. Which is fine, because it would be in highly bad taste and highly unlikely to use the lectern at her funeral to start accusing her of destroying working class communities and playing a part in the cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster.


Talking of both of those things, we got to thinking about how Liverpool might feel about Thatcher's funeral (Liverpool's working class were hard hit by Thatcher's policies and Liverpool FC were one of the clubs playing at Hillsborough) and the fact that it was paid for by the British tax-payer. So we went to ask a few of them.

VICE: David Cameron described Thatcher as "a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton". What do you think of that?
Jack: She did a lot for the country, but she left it in a state, what with the miners strike and the people out of work. You can look at it two ways: the people down south loved her and a lot of people in the north hated her.

What do you think about her involvement in the Hillsborough cover-up?
It was disgusting for it to be covered up for so long, and the amount of lies that were told to the families and fans were equally as disgusting. People would have respected her a lot more if she came out with the truth straight away.

Do you think it's right the tax payer is paying for her funeral?
No, not at all. The Hillsborough 96 didn't get a state funeral, did they? Three million pounds going to a funeral for a woman half the country hated. There's potential for a kick off at the funeral and a lot of people are going to say what a waste of money it is when it could be going on education and jobs.

How do you think Thatcher felt about Liverpool?
David: That's a bit of a mad question to ask a Scouser, really. She clearly wasn't all bad, but she did some shit to this city.

How do you feel about having to pay for her funeral?
I'm not arsed. We're forced to spend money on all kinds of crap that we don't really want to, so it may as well go on that as well.


Fair point.

Hi Ann. David Cameron described Thatcher as "a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton". Do you agree with that?
Ann: Oh no, not at all. He would say that, though, wouldn't he? She's obviously his role model. He's doing the same to the country that she did.

What do you think Thatcher felt about Liverpool?
She said, allegedly, that she wished the city of Liverpool would drop off the face of the earth. The city needed a kick up the arse maybe, but she's not popular up here.

How do you feel about her receiving a taxpayer-funded funeral?
I don't believe anyone should get a ceremonial funeral, but there's a lot of people up here who wanted to go to make sure she's actually dead. I don't think you'll find too many tears shed in this neck of the woods.

Will the people of Liverpool be throwing a wake for Maggie?
Yeah, I've got the bunting at home and the champagne on ice.

David Cameron described Thatcher as "a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton". What do you think to that?
Arran: Yeah, I spoke to me Dad about it and he loves the woman. That sounds like a brilliant description.

Really? Does your dad think she was good for Liverpool?
Yeah, he thought what she did with the country was great, especially with the pressure of being a woman as well.

Do you think she should receive a ceremonial funeral?
For all she's done for this country, yeah, it would be right for us to pay – to show our gratitude for what she's done for us.


Would you say she was better than Tony Blair?
She's a well better leader then Tony Blair, yeah. All Tony was interested in was the war.

Alright then.

What do you think of David Cameron's praise of Margaret Thatcher?
John: I don't agree. I think she was a bitch from hell. I remember the Falklands and I remember the poll tax and I remember what she did to the working class here and across the country, so I'm celebrating her death.

What did she do to the working class?
She said society is dead and I think she meant it. I think she destroyed society and I think she destroyed the pride the working class had in our own efforts. And the fact she's been sort of lionised and turned into some sort of heroine disgusts me

What do you think about her tax-funded funeral?
I'm having a street party later.

Do you think other people in Liverpool will join you?
I certainly hope so. And not just Liverpool – I hope that the working class throughout the whole country come out and celebrate the passing of that evil woman.

David Cameron used the word "great" a lot while talking about Thatcher. What do you think about that?
Sarah: That depends how you define great. She did have a lot of influence – she's infamous, isn't she? Everyone knows her, but I don't agree with a lot of the things she did.

Do you think she neglected Liverpool?
Yeah, definitely. She undid a lot of what made the North West what it was, and you can still see that today. This government is exactly the same; it's London-centric and probably idolises her. They might not admit it, but her policies very much influence today's.

How do you feel about her role in the Hillsborough disaster?
It's been sort of proven now, hasn't it? She probably was involved in the cover-up. You'd imagine a lot of people won't be very sad that she's died.

And do you think she should be receiving a tax-funded funeral?
Not really, no. I imagine she's a wealthy lady – she's a baroness, after all. I don't think they should have a big, grand funeral; that's just inviting people to kick off. There should be something a bit more private, maybe.

Do you think people will be celebrating in Liverpool?
I'd like to think people had a bit more respect. She was still an old lady with a family at the end.

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