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New York - Safran in Action

December 12, 2006, 11:21pm

Railing against Christianity in the US generally loses its edginess around the 8th grade, but somehow when an Aussie does it it's kind of endearing (like having a red-blooded American try out Vegemite). You have to disregard the fact that his website cites Michael Moore a mind-boggling six times in the first paragraph, John Safran is more of an Alex Jones type, just without all the stodgy oldness...

He hosts a weekly show called Sunday Night Safran on Triple J radio in Australia where he discusses religion, politics, and hoochies with Catholic priest Bob Maguire. He even played host to our editor and stammering associate editor, respectively.

He recently set his sites on the Mormons, complaining that the group's constant attempts to convert others are useless and just plain annoying. So he's hijacking their door-to-door methods to preach the virtues of Atheism. It may seem a little like a hollow chuckler, but if this type of anti-evangelism caught on we might one day salvage the lost continent of Alabama.