This story is over 5 years old.


March 27, 2009, 3:43pm


There was a fitting today again. We're only allowed to use black or white pins for fittings, as they don't show on photos, so they make us arrange their pincushions in straight lines with black and white pins only. And we need to assort the pin buckets to get rid of the coloured ones. When I got in this morning there were no black pins left. We ran around to every store in the whole city but they were all out of them, so we had to paint them… The whole intern force was painting pinheads black! It's the strangest thing I've ever done, so retarded!

You can tell we're getting closer to the day of the show. It's all starting to fall into place and I'm finally getting a grasp of what they're working on. The changes are now within the frame of the theme, not like in the beginning when they'd make quick changes to something entirely different. You can also tell from the ambience in the studio everyone's stressed out and acting crazy, the days are getting longer, and every day someone starts crying. We just found out we have to work tomorrow. Great… Fun plans for Friday night? Don't think so. I've learned to forget all about simple pleasures like getting drunk-fuck-forget as we always work late and are expected to be back at 9 AM the next morning, including weekends. Once they gave us a whole weekend off and made sure to tell us to enjoy it because "it's the last one you'll have in ages." As if we couldn't figure that out for ourselves. Besides, a two-day rest isn't nearly enough after an 80-hour workweek. Even on a minimum wage we'd make lots of money! But no, we fashion slaves work for free, and there are endless amounts of us…

(illustration by Luca Deasti)