Two girls sat in their bedrooms in pajamas.
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6 People Show Us the Sexiest Outfits They Wear to Bed

Pajamas aren't always just for sleeping in.

As we brace for 2019 and stack up our resolutions, Broadly is focusing on finding motivation for the hard tasks that await us—like getting out of bed. So, throughout January, we're rolling out Getting Out of Bed, a series of stories about all things related to rest and resilience. Read more here.

Any insomniac knows that being unable to sleep is a uniquely hellish experience, but there's something to be said for going to bed in nice sleepwear. If you're going to lie awake at night, you may as well do it in cute clothes. Plus, there's something restorative about feeling comfy or cute when you slip into bed. Feeling stressed out and agitated? Invest in some smooth, slinky satin PJs and let those worries melt away. Worried and anxious? Wear your favorite oversized T-shirt; the one that drapes around you like a big hug.


Of course, sleepwear isn't just for sleeping in—anybody who owns a negligee from Rihanna's Savage x Fenty lingerie line knows that. The best ones combine function and a dash of devil-may-care suggestiveness; the kind of thing that you can conceivably throw on ahead of a casual evening hangout with a hook-up. Think: Oh, this old thing?

With that in mind, we asked six millennials to show us their cutest bedtime outfits for our Getting Out of Bed series, including androgynous muscle tees, vintage Christian Dior slips, and matching hers and hers underwear sets.

Person sitting on a bed in a muscle tank

Sorcha, 31, digital director

What’s the outfit and where did you get it from?
Champion vest top that’s been cut into a muscle tee from a thrift shop in Canary Wharf with some Gap boxers.

What makes it sexy for you?
Perhaps the revealing nature, I guess. I think it’s actually more that I feel comfortable in it, and if you are not being self-conscious then I think that translates into sexiness.

What’s your nighttime routine in this outfit?
Shower, moisturize, make a cup of tea, and go to bed with a book [laughs].

What kind of good times or dreams have you had in this outfit?
I mean, if there were a lot sexy times to tell I’m not somebody who would sleep and tell, but I will say my bed has a very “communal spirit” so it definitely gets a lot of action—specifically my bed, not necessarily me.

Woman sitting on bed in oversized Oxford shirt

Salma, 29, Copywriter

Where did you get this outfit from?
So this is just a big shirt I got from Tesco's [a supermarket].

What makes this shirt sexy to you?
I love baggy clothes. Anything that’s too big for me I find really sexy, I always have. It’s just how easy it is to you know slip on and off. Yeah, just comfort and bigness is really sexy for me.


What's your nighttime routine in this outfit?
Non-existent. I usually come home about midnight cause I work really late and by the time I get home I just slide it on and slide into bed. No routine.

What kind of sexy times or dreams have you had in this outfit?
So sexy times have been two people—one sort of ex [or a] not committed exclusive relationship, and the other was a rebound from the not so committed exclusive relationship. And then just a bunch of masturbation.


Tamara, 30, artist

Where did you get this outfit from?
The outfit I’m wearing is a vintage Dior robe that I found in my mom’s closet. I had no idea why felt compelled to keep it with me but I couldn’t not. It was when I was back home in Bahrain and I was about to start traveling and I was just packing up a bunch of stuff. I had no idea why cause I would never think to wear this but for some reason I just needed it with me. So far it’s traveled with me to LA, Vancouver, NYC, and now London.

What makes this outfit especially sexy?
The fact that it falls off everywhere.

Describe your nighttime routine in this outfit?
There is no nighttime routine in this outfit [laughs].

What kind of sexy times or dreams have you had in this outfit?
None, but they’ll probably come now I’ve finally started wearing it.

Man sitting on bed in boxer short underwear

Felix, 24, actor

Where did you get this outfit from?
My boxers. I think they’re from H&M.

What makes this outfit especially sexy to you?
It’s more about the fact that I don’t have to wear anything else with it. Since I‘ve had top surgery, I feel comfortable sleeping shirtless and just being shirtless in general. Being able to show my chest and sleep with my chest exposed makes me feel sexy.


What’s your nighttime routine?
I usually have a cup of herbal tea at some point before I go to bed. Until very recently I’ve had to massage my chest scars with Vaseline every evening and every morning, but I’ve stopped doing that recently because it’s been a year since my surgery. But that was just kind of to soften the scar tissue.

What kind of hot times or dreams have you had in this outfit?
[laughs] Hopefully more this year…

Woman sitting on bank in slip

Anna, 37, freelance PR and yoga teacher

What are you wearing and where you got it from?
I’m wearing a blue playsuit that’s actually from H&M back in the day, and then I’ve got a pink and white robe slash camisole that’s a gift from my mum.

What makes this especially hot to you?
I think it’s the fabric. They’re both satin and I like bright colours—I think bright colours are really sexy—so it sort of fits my personality. I just feel comfortable in it, really.

What’s your pre-sleep routine?
Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I like to burn oils in my room. My moods are affected by scents so I like to burn either a nice candle or some lavender, spray my pillow with lavender, and then I have a rollerball of oil that I put on my wrists and then my temples before I go to bed.

What kind of sexy times or dreams have you had in this outfit?
I don’t know if I want to go there! Actually this is more my “morning after the night before,” ensemble, so I’ll go and make some breakfast in bed, coffee and some eggs… [while] still feeling sexy, yeah.

Woman in matching lingerie set

Jess, 27, marketing

Can you describe the outfit and where you got it from?
This outfit is my girlfriend’s—she gave it to me. The outfit is a matching underwear set, and she bought it. In terms of the shirt, my girlfriend lives in Paris; I live in London. I like wearing the shirt because it’s almost like it’s a statement of “I’m yours,” and it’s intimate and contextual so maybe only she will find it particularly sexy cause it’s hers.

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What makes this outfit especially sexy, personally speaking?
Because of the connection to my girlfriend and the intimacy of it and also because it’s not overly feminine, it’s not overly masculine, I guess it can be—you know if you wear it with boxers—I guess it can be androgynous.

Describe your nighttime routine in this outfit?
De-hair myself, moisturize, perfume, rough up the hair… Fuck.

What kind of sexy times or dreams have you had in this outfit?
Loads [while] straddling my bae.