The Fiancée of a Lion Crash Victim Posts Solo Wedding Pictures to Honor His Final Wish

Intan Indah Syarii lost a man she had dated since middle school on the flight.
November 14, 2018, 11:30am
Intan Indah Syarii, the Fiancée of a Lion Crash Victim Posts Solo Wedding Pictures to Honor His Final Wish

Here's a pretty depressing fact: of the 189 people who died late last month aboard the ill-fated Lion Air Flight JT610, less than half of their bodies have been found and identified. Here's another: one of them was a young doctor named Rio Nanda Pratama who was going to marry his middle school sweetheart, a woman named Intan Indah Syarii, this week.

Rio was flying back from a seminar in Jakarta when the flight crashed into the sea. But before he boarded the flight, Rio told his finacée "if I don't return on November 11, 2018, you should still wear the wedding gown that I chose yesterday. With makeup on. Ask for fresh white roses from Sheila and take a nice photo. Then send me the photo," according to a post by his wedding organizer.


So on Nov. 11, Intan honored his final wish with these beautiful wedding photos.

"Even though I feel sadness I can't describe, I must smile for you," Intan wrote in one of her posts. "I have to be strong just like you'd always told me to. I love you dear Rio Nanda Pratama."

Intan also posed with Rio's younger sister, Putri Dwi Andini. "Dear my love Rio Nanda Pratama, thank you for giving me a sister who is as amazing, strong, smart and kind as you were," she wrote. "Even though you're not here, but she stayed by my side helping me carry out your most beautiful last request… know our love for you will never go away, we love you forever."

The couple began dating back in middle school. Nov. 1, three days after his flight crashed, would've been the couple's 13th anniversary.

Intan told The Straits Times that Rio was a doctor at Bakti Timah Hospital, in Pangkal Pinang, on Bangka island, where she also works in the financial department.

"He was a nice person and always wanted to help patients… He always reminded me… that in the world, nothing is eternal," Intan told The Straits Times.