Brie Larson Kicks a Whole Heap of Alien Ass in the New 'Captain Marvel' Trailer

With help from Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury.
December 4, 2018, 4:52pm

On Monday night, Marvel released the second trailer for Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, and the thing is even wilder than the first. The new clip crams a lot into its two-minute runtime: It fills in some important details about Captain Marvel's backstory, offers up a peek at a wild space battle, and gives Samuel L. Jackson's freakishly de-aged face some pretty solid screen time.

But there's one moment in the new trailer that stands above the rest, one piece that fills in some much-needed context from the first teaser, and that is the scene where Captain Marvel beats the hell out of an old lady on the subway.

The clip opens with Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers, sauntering through a train car, surveying the passengers. Captain Marvel is a prequel film, set in 1995—hence Jackson being CG'd back to his Jurassic Park days—so everyone on the subway is dressed real goofy. Marvel, dressed in her green and black suit, finally stops in front of an elderly woman, who grins at her sweetly—until Marvel rears back and cold-cocks the smile right off the lady's face.

Spoiler alert, but the old lady is actually an evil shape-shifting alien. Nonetheless, it's pretty bizarre to see Larson go ham on an old woman, and from there everything goes completely to shit with the aforementioned space battle, some origin story type stuff, and a bunch of other seemingly consequential explosions. Captain Marvel is slated to hit theaters March 8, just a few months before Avengers 4 drops, so get ready for another summer fully dominated by superheroes. Until then, watch Brie Larson slam a gray-haired alien lady's head into a subway pole in the trailer above.

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