Kris Wu Likes Cars Almost as Much As He Likes Rap

Kris Wu shows us his rare car collection and brings us to the studio while he finishes his debut album, 'Antares,' in this installment of Noisey Raps.

Kris Wu is really into cars. He spends almost as much time customizing old Hondas as he spends in the studio working on his music. On one hand, Wu has a pretty stellar car collection with 20-year-old cars suited for drifting, some of which are in his video "Coupe" with Rich the Kid. On the other hand, his time in the studio has catapulted him as an international success, making him the first Chinese artist with a song on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, Wu is a month shy of his debut LP, Antares, and he dives into what he wants his legacy to be on the new installment of Noisey Raps.


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