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Timothée Chalamet and Bill Murray Are Starring in Wes Anderson's New Movie, Apparently

'The French Dispatch' will also reportedly feature Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, and Benicio del Toro.
Life Aquatic starring Timothée
Chalamet image by Kevin Winter/Getty. Life Aquatic still via IMDb.

A few months ago, rumors started flying about Wes Anderson's next movie. According to a report in a French newspaper, the director's follow-up to Isle of Dogs would be a "musical comedy in the 1950s" set in France. But now, IndieWire has some new intel that contradicts some of those old details, starting with, uh, the whole "it's a musical" part.

Sources told the site that the upcoming film, called The French Dispatch, won't actually be a musical at all. Instead, it'll apparently be "a love letter to journalists" telling the story of a US newspaper based in 20th-century Paris—and according to IndieWire, it will star beautifulest boy Timothée Chalamet.


The film will reportedly also star old Anderson alums like Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Frances McDormand. And the cast somehow gets even more stacked from there: Benicio del Toro and Westworld's Jeffrey Wright are also on board, according to IndieWire.

None of this casting news has been officially confirmed by Anderson, so it might all just be as reliable as that old rumor about a 1950s-era musical. But Chalamet in a Wes Anderson movie seems like a perfect fit. Between getting an Oscar nomination for Call Me by Your Name and becoming the face of every classical painting ever, the guy's had a pretty wild last couple years. Plus, he already played that self-serious alt-boy in Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird, so working with Wes Anderson—the undisputed king of self-serious alt-boys—seems only natural.

For his part, Chalamet responded to IndieWire's request for comment on The French Dispatch in the most Chalamet-y way imaginable:

When asked to confirm his casting at an Amazon Studios party celebrating 'Beautiful Boy,' Chalamet threw his hands in the air and laughed.

That's not exactly a confirmation, but it's not a denial either, so we'll take what we can get.

It looks like won't be getting to see Wes Anderson go full Busby Berkeley in a musical at any point in the near future, which is kind of a bummer. But in the meantime, we'll presumably get to watch Timothée Chalamet feverishly mash some typewriter keys and try to hit his deadline inside some immaculately designed, freakishly symmetrical newspaper outpost or whatever, so get ready.

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