Tasha the Amazon's Flexing Knows No Borders on "Intercontinental"

The Toronto spitter teams up with the label Kitsuné for a rattlingly good trap walloper.
February 7, 2018, 4:30pm
Image via PR

If the internet has indeed shrunk the world, then Tasha the Amazon is the one whose arms span the globe. "Intercontinental," the latest single from the Toronto rapper, finds her in typical form, which is akin to when a Final Fantasy character activates their Limit Break and tears through some hapless monster. "Ain't privy to the local politickin,' man / I'm intercontinental," raps Tasha over her own co-produced beat, all blaring synths and rattling hi-hats. The song is released in partnership with French label Kitsuné as part of their Hot Stream series, so there's your proof that Tasha can join Pitbull as a "Worldwide" human. Listen to "Intercontinental" below.

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