Diddy Explaining the DiddyCrop Isn’t Even the Best Part of This Ellen Chat

Fashionable lateness, weird finger-holding, and Diddy's laugh all make this one for the Hall of Fame.
Lauren O'Neill
London, United Kingdom
February 9, 2018, 12:24pm

You know what's underrated? Really small, almost mundane moments of warmth or humor which slip through each day almost unnoticed. On a typical day with lots of IRL human interaction, you've already been in the vicinity of potentially hundreds of those moments by lunchtime. And during an appearance on The Ellen Show that's been doing the rounds since last night, Diddy/Love peppered an entire seven minutes of edited conversation with those little gems. The main takeaway, for our purposes and enjoyment, was that he finally discussed the DiddyCrop (his practice of cropping, or more recently, PhotoShopping celebrities out of the photos he takes of or with them). He basically plead ignorance:

I mean there's this thing on social media called the DiddyCrop, and you know, I take a lot of pictures with a lot of different celebrities, 'cause we're just all family and stuff, and sometimes my photography editor doesn't let me know when he's taking people out of the pictures. So I just found out about this.

This is, obviously, a great quote, but actually, to focus on it would be to ignore the finer points of his interview on the show, which you can watch above. It's full of totally bizarre, sweet, and interesting moments of Classic Diddy. So in the interests of fairness to all the other good shit that goes down here, I have listed my favourites below:

Diddy Gets His Hair Lovingly Combed in the Vital Seconds Before He Goes On Set

Having someone with me at all times, to do my hair in a car park if necessary, is a personal aspiration of mine.

Diddy Discussing His Potential Purchase of the Carolina Panthers NFL Team

It was reported a while ago that Diddy was considering buying the Carolina Panthers. This would be a cool thing to happen, by all accounts, and his comment on the topic was insightful: "I'm one of the people that are, you know, bidding and looking at it," he said. "I feel it's time for some minority ownership in the NFL, especially like, 70 percent of the athletes are African American and I think it's important for them to see somebody that looks like them in an ownership position. I think it'd be good for the NFL and for people as a whole." That he points out this racial imbalance at the top of the league, so plainly and with good nature, helps the issue shine through without him climbing onto a soapbox. Also: true!

Hold On Why Is Ellen Holding Diddy's Finger This Way?

I don't know but I love how gently supportive it is and never want anyone I trust to speak to me again without first clasping hold of my tiniest finger.

Any Time Diddy Laughs


Diddy Adjusting His Jacket for Long Enough to Make Ellen Look Like a Concerned Mom in the Playground

Then explaining all of his shifting around by saying: "You know, sometimes when I'm here my jacket hunches up and when I watch it back I don't like it, so I wanted to make sure my jacket was down" with a straight face.

Diddy Complimenting Justin Timberlake But Also Not Really Complimenting Justin Timberlake

Diddy points out that he also performed at the 2004 Super Bowl, during which the infamous Nipplegate moment took place. And while he notes that Timberlake put on an "incredible" show this year (which… generous), he also notes "I was mad at Justin," presumably for not acknowledging him onstage, or asking him to play alongside him again, in the same way as Janet Jackson was presumably not approached. *Nail polish emoji*

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Great interview, and not just because we finally got to the bottom of the DiddyCrop.

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