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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House claws back call for new age limits on guns, Nepal plane crash kills almost 50, Kim Jong Un may seek peace treaty with US, and more.
President Donald Trump speaks with students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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US News

New White House Gun-Control Plan Is Heavy on Arming Teachers
The Trump administration was said to back a plan to train teachers and school staff in firearm use—and bolster background checks on buyers generally—but appeared to abandon a previous commitment to raising the age for buying certain types of guns from 18 to 21. A White House official said the idea of age restrictions was "a state-based discussion right now."—The Washington Post

Five People Killed in NYC Helicopter Crash
All the passengers onboard a private helicopter being used for a photo shoot were killed after it crashed into the East River in New York City on Sunday night. Two passengers were found dead at the scene, while three others later died in the hospital. The city’s fire commissioner, Daniel Nigron, said the pilot survived and was in "OK" condition.—NBC News


Elon Musk Teases Mission to Mars in 2019
The SpaceX founder and CEO revealed his company was aiming to send its first "interplanetary ship" to Mars and bring it back to Earth early next year. Speaking at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Musk said the proposed spaceship has been codenamed BFR for "big fucking rocket" and will be able to do "up-and-down flights."—CBS News

Major Storage Malfunctions at Two Fertility Clinics
San Francisco's Pacific Fertility Center revealed that hundreds of patients' eggs and embryos could have been damaged when a liquid nitrogen storage tank "failed" last Sunday. Cleveland's University Hospital Fertility Clinic said it experienced a similar malfunction on the same day. Both facilities were investigating whether affected eggs and embryos might still be viable.—ABC News

International News

Dozens Killed in Nepal Plane Crash
A Bangladeshi airline's passenger plane crashed trying to land at Kathmandu's airport in the Nepali capital Monday, leaving at least 49 people dead, according to a police official. Another 22 people of the 71 onboard were injured. The plane reportedly attempted to land on an airport runway from the wrong direction.—CNN/VICE News

Myanmar Accused of 'Land Grab' in Rohingya Villages
Amnesty International revealed evidence that Myanmar's military was clearing villages once home to thousands of people from the Muslim minority group forced to flee to Bangladesh. Despite the government agreeing to repatriate Rohingya refugees, the NGO claimed satellite photos showed villages in Rakhine state being cleared as part of a "military land grab."—BBC News


Kim Jong-un Reportedly Wants Peace Treaty with Trump
According to a South Korean newspaper report, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un could be after a peace treaty with the US in pending talks with President Trump. One expert noted the treaty would likely be contingent on the US military presence in South Korea being massively scaled back or even eliminated.—Bloomberg

Far-Right French Leader Wants to Change Party Name
Marine Le Pen urged Front National members to vote in favor of rebranding the party Rassemblement National (National Rally). Le Pen, who was reelected as leader on Sunday, admitted the name of the far-right party founded by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen was "for many French people a psychological obstacle."—Al Jazeera/VICE News

Everything Else

Scientologists Launch New TV Channel
The church announced that Scientology TV will begin broadcasting Monday on DirecTV, Apple TV, and Roku. Although no schedules had been revealed, an app promised "full episodes of your favorite shows."—The Hollywood Reporter

Duffer Brothers Respond to Verbal Abuse Allegation
The creators of Stranger Things apologized for letting "tempers occasionally get frayed" on set but stopped short of a complete mea culpa after former crew member Peyton Brown said she had seen them "seek out and verbally abuse multiple women."—The Guardian

"Black Panther" Makes $1 Billion Worldwide
The Marvel and Disney superhero movie reached the global landmark over the weekend, taking another $41.1 million in North America and remaining No. 1 at the box office. It became the seventh-highest earner in domestic box office history.—AP


Vladimir Putin Boasts About Ordering a Plane to Be Shot Down
The Russian president said he approved the downing of a passenger plane in 2014 after officials told him it had been hijacked and was headed for the Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony with a bomb onboard. The hijacking was then deemed a false alarm.—VICE News

Tech CEO Arrested, Accused of Selling Phones to Drug Cartel
The FBI arrested Vincent Ramos, CEO of Phantom Secure, on racketeering and other conspiracy charges, court documents revealed. The Bureau alleged the Sinaloa cartel used Phantom's customized BlackBerry phones.—Motherboard

Sum 41’s 'In Too Deep' Was Nearly a Reggae Track
Guitarist Ben Cook claimed one of the band's biggest hits was originally recorded as reggae music by Sum 41 producer Greig Nori and Canadian artist Snow. Describing the first version as "amazing," Cook said Nori wanted to "mix pop punk and reggae."—Noisey

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