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Bill Walton Shouting Out Wu-Tang's Raekwon During Asheville-USC Game Is Gold

"Thank you Raekwon for your life, which has given us OURS."
Photo by Ron Chenoy—USA TODAY Sports

Bill Walton is hands down the best.

March Madness hasn't really started (barring First Four), and sadly USC and Asheville didn't make the cut of 68. People are stamping their feet about USC's snub in particular—they're considered to be an historically bad snub—and their weak consolation prize was being invited to the National Invitation Tournament. Whoopee-doo.

No matter. Bill Walton is here to spice up what would normally be a fairly boring game by adding some glorious commentary about the origin story of one player's name:


Let's just give you people at work a full transcript, so that you can drink in the richness of Bill Walton's love for the Wu-Tang Clan:

Raekwon? How many guys named Raekwon do you know? He was named by his older brother Andre, who is 11 years older. And, he's named after Raekwon da Chef. The guy from Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang Clan: a pioneer, a fiery presence out there. The greatest hip hop group ever, as ranked by About and Rolling Stone Magazine. Thank you, Raekwon, for your life, which has given us ours. This guy can play.

Dave Pasch: I haven't a clue what you're talking about. Raekwon Miller…

Walton: You haven't been on tour with Wu-Tang Clan, from Staten Island?

Pasch: I'm a Nipsey Hussle guy

Walton: Where are they playing next?

This might be the single most hilarious conversation between two old-ish white guy commentators. Lord, do I want to see Dave Pasch and a tie-dye-T-shirted Bill Walton at a Nipsey Hussle concert coming up soon.