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Hurricanes Goalie Cam Ward Scores Own Goal With Puck Stuck in His Skate

The Carolina netminder's skate had just enough room to take on a passenger—sadly for him, that passenger was the puck, and the destination was the goal.
Screen capture via Twitter/@CanesOnFSCR

It's safe to say that you are probably not going to see a goal like this ever again.

The Carolina Hurricanes took on the Arizona Coyotes last night, and some kind of one-in-a-million scenario played itself out, where a puck sent in along the boards behind Hurricane goalie Cam Ward somehow lodged itself in between the boot and the blade of his skate.

Ward tried to stop the puck with his skate and then play it on, but once it hit his skate he couldn't locate it. So he did exactly what you're supposed to do in that kind of circumstance: find your positioning and get back in goal in case the other team poses a threat. Unfortunately for him, his little biscuit-like stowaway fully crossed the goal line, causing an own goal.


Behold the absurdity:

The really fucked thing here is that only did they award the goal in the first place, and uphold it after review, but the play probably should have been blown dead well before Ward's skate crossed the line.

Here's Rule 85.3 (duh), which probably should have nullified the goal (h/t USA Today's A.J. Perez):

Puck Out of Sight – Should a scramble take place or a player accidentally fall on the puck and the puck be out of sight of the Referee, he shall immediately blow his whistle and stop the play. The puck shall then be faced-off at the nearest face-off spot in the zone where the play was stopped unless otherwise provided for in the rules.

I mean, come on, ref. Ain't nobody stopping that.