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Nuggets Playoff Fate Sealed In December with Staggering Lil B Self Own

The Denver Nuggets Twitter account tried to get fresh with Lil B. But guess who got knocked out by the Minnesota Timberwolves in a fateful game last night?
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Don't fuck with the BasedGod. That's Rule No. 1 through Rule No. Infinity.

The Denver Nuggets felt the long, righteous arm of the BasedLord extend unto them after committing an embarrassing self-own way back in December, and well, would you be so surprised to find out that they would come to rue that day?

Lil B has been using his deity of the BasedGod—the God of all good things—to send a plague upon various NBA teams for years now. And does it work? Well, he tends to favor the Golden State Warriors and, after a nightmare playoff performance last year, he (finally) lifted his curse on James Harden, who miraculously rebounded to become the odds on favorite for MVP this season. So, uh, it's…hard to tell.


And last December he set himself a high bar by prophesying who the BasedGod would be favoring this year.

Alright, so some of those didn't exactly come true. The Knicks got pretty well worked this season and the Kings never really stood a chance, but everyone already knew that by December anyway, so maybe he was just throwing both teams a bone. Still, five out of seven ain't bad. Anyway, like anyone logical, most teams started posting offerings to curry the BasedGod's favor:

And Lil B responded with benevolence:

Everyone knew their place in the world of the wrathful BasedGod. Everyone except the Denver Nuggets.

Oh, foolish Nuggets. Don't you know who you're fucking with? This is the god that cursed Kevin Durant for eons—until lifting it after signing with the Warriors. You know, the season Durant won NBA Finals MVP?

For some reason, the Nuggets decided to troll Lil B. They were obviously salty for being left of the preferred list and they got reckless. For normal people, this would have been one of those times to write an angry email, let it sit in drafts for a day, and then come back to read it before firing it off. Nine times out of ten you will look back at what you've written and think to yourself thank (Based)God I did not send that. Unfortunately, the Nuggets did not show that restraint, and Lil B took notice.

And so, nearly four months in the making, the Denver Nuggets learned a harsh lesson last night.

Yep, in a win-and-you're-in game against the Minnesota Timberwolves—who, mind you, were on the list of blessed teams—the Nuggets lost in overtime. Now the Wolves are in the playoffs and the Nuggets will be sitting at home with enough time to really reflect on just how brazenly they tempted fate. Best start thinking about how to repent, Nuggets. The BasedGod frowns upon you.

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