Watch the Dreamy New Video For Girlboss' Body Con

The New Zealand band has just released their first EP.
Image: Rachel Brandon

Girlboss have a new video out for their single, Body Con, and we’re premiering it right here. The chillwave pop band, brainchild of New Zealand musician Lucy Botting, has recently released their first EP.

The video for Body Con is a dreamy haze of home video footage, mostly shot in Christchurch: dogs walking, roses in the garden, candles forming a halo.

"All I was really thinking of was a soft hazy focus, inspired by a childhood obsession with old school days of our lives, and capturing the mundaneness and oddities of domesticity," Botting told VICE. "Also I really wanted my dog Bobby to be in it cause he rules."


The name, 'Body Con', can refer to the form-fitting mode of dress, but also to body-confidence, or to the ‘con’ in a broader sense: the conman, or social con.

"It is kinda melancholic but also kind of happy," Botting says. "The song is about the push and pull between body confidence and body consciousness that women feel all the time, and I guess the mundane domesticity of the video is inevitably feminine and sort of melancholic too. But then the dark and fiery parts are a bit of a release from the ordinary."

Watch the video here:

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