YouTube “seduction artist” has made a business out of filming women with hidden cameras

YouTube is ignoring a host of explicit videos that look like they were made without consent.
April 9, 2018, 7:21pm

Justin Wayne is a “seduction artist” — a particular kind of dating coach who promises to teach men how to convince reluctant women, usually strangers in a public place, to sleep with them. Wayne’s advice isn’t particularly unique. What's unique is the way he proves it works.

On YouTube, he posts “infield” videos, hidden-camera footage of women he claims to have met on the street and seduced almost instantly. These videos often include footage of Wayne having sex with the women, whose eyes he conceals with tiny black bars — suggesting they did not know they were being filmed.

His videos have earned millions of views, and his YouTube channel has 127,000 subscribers. But Wayne's channel just shows how little YouTube does to police its content, and how a host of explicit videos are still sneaking through. And Wayne crosses ethical, and potentially legal, lines in his videos teaching men how to manipulate women into sex, even if they say no.

Wayne claims to have five girlfriends — more proof his methods work — and that eight women have publicly revealed they have his name tattooed on their bodies. VICE News asked if the tattoos were about power. “Yeah,” Wayne said. “Show me you're more committed. You know, sacrifice.… That proves to me you're more committed, by getting my name on your body.”

VICE News caught up with Wayne at one of his boot camps in Miami Beach, and discovered that he also bribes and coerces the women he claims in the videos are his girlfriends.

This segment originally aired April 2, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.