Man's Body Found Inside a Women's Bathroom Wall in a Mall

Everything about this story is creepy.
May 3, 2018, 2:54pm
Medical examiners escort the body found in a wall in a women's bathroom in the CORE Shopping Centre in Calgary on Monday. Photo by Canadian Press/Lauren Kruge

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada. In what sounds like inspiration for a horror movie script, a man was found dead inside a women’s bathroom wall in a mall on Monday. The body was discovered at The CORE Shopping Centre in downtown Calgary, Alberta.

The man was believed to be in his 20s, according to police.

In a news release on Wednesday, police said they believed the man entered the bathroom by himself on Friday evening. According to evidence, they say the man climbed into a vent behind the toilets.


Cops were called to the scene at 9:30 AM on Monday. At the time of the discovery of the body, staff had been doing maintenance in the bathroom. The local fire department removed the body from the wall.

“Once inside the bathroom, it is believed that he climbed on top of a pony wall that was directly behind the toilets and removed a vent cover, which was located on top of the wall,” Calgary police said.

So why would a man be climbing into a vent in a women’s bathroom? His motivation is unknown at this time, according to police.

But foul play is not suspected.

“As the victim’s death is considered accidental, no further information can be released," police said.

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