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The Ban on Margarita Pitchers in Jimmy Buffett's Home State Has Been Lifted

Alabama residents are once again free to waste away in Margaritaville.

Alabama native Jimmy Buffett can take a tropical sigh of relief today, because a ban on the sale of pitchers of margaritas in his home state has been lifted.

The nonsensical ban was instituted by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board last month, when the board decided that only beer could be served by the pitcher within the state's borders.

Why did the Alabama institute such an arbitrary, soul-destroying rule? Apparently, Alabama has an old law on its books that deems it illegal to "adulterate" alcohol. The powers that be hqe determined that—because alcohol can settle in the bottom of a pitcher—pitchers of margaritas are "adulterated" given that each glass can end up with a different amount of alcohol in it. Beer, on the other hand, doesn't settle.

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Got it? Yeah, neither did anyone else, and the Board decided to reverse its stance. Some are saying that the about-face came following bad publicity—the website published a pretty scathing article on the ban a day before it was reversed. But ABC spokesman Dean Argo says the decision was made after a discussion with the Alabama Beverage Licensees Association.

In any event, we're pleased to say no one—including the man who penned the eternal anthem of spring breakers and day drinkers—will be looking for that lost shaker of salt in Alabama henceforth.