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Watch Towkio Drift Like It’s ‘Tokyo Drift’ in Towkio’s New Video for “Drift”

The Savemoney member returns with the first track from his forthcoming major label debut.

When Chicago rapper and Savemoney member Towkio sat down with Noisey late last year for a Noisey Next profile, he wanted to talk about his forthcoming major label debut, World Wide .Wav. He'd been recording the record with Rick Rubin at the legendary producer's Shangri-La studio in Malibu. "That vibe there is like magic," he said. "I'm recording on Bob Dylan's old tour bus. They must have been tripping off acid in that bitch doing all sorts of crazy shit. It's all a dream, bro." He wasn't far from that vibe himself. In the middle of the recording process, he'd strolled down to the beach, dropped a tab of acid, and listened to everything he'd recorded so far to gain a new perspective. "The vibe I caught was that I just gotta finish it. I'm on the right path. I'm hitting all the right chords."


Almost a year on from that, and Towkio is preparing to bring the album to the public. The first sample comes in the form of "Drift," a swaggering, Rubin-produced track built around thudding percussion and a grinning flow. "Yeah call me Worldwide Towki / They know just who I am / Getting booked at festivals / We used to have to hop a fence," he raps. The video, directed by Diego Bravo and Towkio himself, is a remarkable reintroduction. It was shot in and around Mexico City with Towkio dancing on top of pyramids, rapping in a hot air balloon, and hanging out the side of imported sports cars. There's a shit load of drifting, too, of course. Watch the video in full at the top of the page.

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