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The Former Project Director of Mass Effect Is Back at BioWare

Hudson replaces outgoing general manager Aaryn Flynn, who has been with the developer since 2000.
All images courtesy EA/Bioware

Casey Hudson, who lead development of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect trilogy as a project director at Bioware, has announced his return to the developer as General Manager, taking the reigns from incumbent Aaryn Flynn, who had served in the role since September of 2015.

Hudson left Bioware in Aug. 2014 in pursuit of "the new wave of disruptive technologies that were emerging," according to today's announcement. In May of 2015 he joined Microsoft Studios as Creative Director, where he focused on shaping early HoloLens experiences.

His return to Bioware comes on the heels of Anthem's E3 reveal last month, which Hudson worked to "set the foundation" of with Flynn, according to his statement. Hudson's new role as General Manager oversees production at all three remaining Bioware studios: Edmonton, Montreal and Austin.

Flynn, in his own statement, gave no reason for his departure but said he will stay on for a short period to bring Hudson up to speed as Bioware's new GM. Flynn has been with the developer since 2000, with his first credit as a tools programmer on Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

Over the next decade, Flynn would rise to the position of General Manager at Bioware Edmonton in 2009. In 2010, Bioware Montreal was added to his purview as GM, as in 2015 his role was converted to a global General Manager position that covers all Bioware studios. In his statement, Flynn makes no mention of any plans beyond "playing Bioware's games in the future from an exciting new perspective—yours."