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Electric Youth Announce New Album ‘Breathing,’ Share First Single

Listen to the Toronto synth-pop duo's soothing “This Was Our House” now.
Photo courtesy of artists

Toronto-based duo Electric Youth have announced their new album, Breathing, out September 22 on Milan Records.

It's their first full-length record since 2014's Innerworld, and was originally meant to be a score for a film directed by fellow Torontonian Anthony Scott Burns. Together, they came up with a 23-track soundtrack that Electric Youth described in a statement as combining synth-pop with "traditional score elements and more experimental sounds." The project was short-lived however, as differences in creative direction during post-production resulted in Burns leaving, and the duo followed soon after. Rather than cast the music aside, Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick instead chose to make it their next album.


"That film Anthony set out to create, the film we set out to score, is lost in time now," they wrote. "There is another film in its place, using some of its footage but with a different spirit… This is the soundtrack from the lost film, an audio relic of the special film that once was."

Alongside the announcement, Electric Youth have shared the LP's opening track, "This Was Our House," which in its brief two minutes instantly summons waves of nostalgia with gentle piano, childlike vocal runs, and heart-swelling synths.

Listen to it below, check out the tracklist for Breathing, and revisit the duo's 2016 Story of the Runways mix inspired by Martin Bell's Oscar-nominated 1984 documentary Streetwise.

Breathing Tracklist: 1. This Was Our House
2. Where Did You Go
3. Breathing
4. It's Them
5. New Things
6. Machine 2.0
7. In the Air Two
8. Still My Love
9. Here It Is
10. Loni's Goodbye
11. This Was Our House (Reprise)
12. Machine 1.0
13. Sisters Theme
14. They're Still Here
15. What Is It
16. Ether
17. Still My Love (Reprise)
18. In the Air One
19. Believe
20. Nic's Theme
21. Chunnel Pt. 1
22. Dark Truth
23. Chunnel Pt. 2