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felt zine

OS Error Messages and 3D Nudes Collide in Chaotic Digital Collages

Japanese artist Naganeo creates a surreal limbo of digital and analog existence in the 38th issue of FELT Zine.
Images courtesy of FELT Zine

Every Saturday, Creators premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective, FELT Zine.

Images of old OS troubleshooting windows are smeared in collage with a digitally rendered nude woman in the 38th issue of FELT Zine. These gritty digital acrylic paintings and photomontages are the work of Japanese painter and graphic designer Naganeo. In this issue the artist presents a realm of uncertainty that is perpetuated through what she describes as "an array of emotional input and discomfort from the human physique." Naganeo's muse is a nude female character that finds herself in this surreal limbo of digital and analog existence. Operating system malfunctions and error messages are scattered throughout the artworks as the physical and digital components react and disengage from one another. The artist tells Creators, "Sometimes we view the human body embracing the glitch, while we also experience the disengagement from this state of life."


Check out more works from the issue below:

Check out the 38th Issue of FELT Zine here. See more work by Naganeo on her website.


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