Let This Lil Wayne Attitude Direct Your Saturday

Today's song is "Young Playa" off 'Tha Block Is Hot.'
July 29, 2017, 7:53pm

Day 311: "Young Playa" feat. Big Tymers – Tha Block Is Hot, 1999

Talking about Guerrilla Warfare earlier this week made me want to listen to old school Wayne, and the slick, ahead-of-his-years shit-talking of "Young Playa"—complete with Birdman's descriptions of gambling in the back room at Ms. Gladys's bar and Mannie Fresh's exhortations for Lil Wayne to pull his pants up—is the perfect vibe. This beat has some nice funk to it, and it's always fun to hear Wayne bragging about how it's nothing to him if he places a bet on Kobe and loses a hundred bucks. Let this attitude direct your Saturday.

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