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That Time Natasha Lyonne Went to a Strip Club with the Cast of 'OITNB'

The actress relives the night she bought a few private dances for her co-stars on Thursday's episode of 'PARTY LEGENDS.'

On Thursday's episode of VICELAND's PARTY LEGENDS—our show that collects celebrities' wildest party memories and animates them with the help of emerging artists—actress Natasha Lyonne relives a lost weekend she spent in two cities she can't stand: Las Vegas and Miami.

After watching a woman blow $5,000 at a Vegas casino, the actress jetted down to the Magic City for a bachelorette party with the cast of Orange Is the New Black. She took her first trip to a strip club, and—looking to turn things up a notch—decided to buy the whole cast a few private dances. But things didn't work out quite as well as she hoped.

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