Florida Woman Arrested after Allegedly Recreating ‘Dirty Dancing’ in Wine Store

The Martin County Sheriff’s Department will absolutely put Baby in a corner
Screengrab via Youtube user CPhillips92 // Getty Images, Gergely Voros / EyeEm

Even if you’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, and even if the closest you’ve ever gotten to Patrick Swayze’s most iconic character is that time you almost bought a Johnny Castle t-shirt at Urban Outfitters, you still know that line. You know that nobody puts Baby in a corner.

That might’ve been true for the duration of the 1987 classic, but it’s not true when you’re shitfaced and doing your best Baby Houseman impression inside a Florida wine store. Because the Martin County Sheriff’s Department will absolutely put Baby in a corner, right in front of a giant painted-on measuring stick, noting Baby’s height and taking Baby’s mugshot.

According to TC Palm, police officers were called to Total Wine & More in Jensen Beach, because two already-intoxicated customers were allegedly trying to recreate a scene from Dirty Dancing in the middle of the store. Neither the police nor the news outlet specified which scene it was, but we’re gonna guess that it was THAT scene, the now-famous final dance that was scandalous enough to upset Baby’s parents. (Yes, the one that was more effectively recreated by Emma Stone and a shirtless Ryan Gosling. They were not in a Florida wine store.)

Total Wine’s manager said that 24-year-old Cindy Barrientos and an unidentified female friend were trying to buy booze, in addition to pretending that they were at an imaginary Catskills resort in the early 1960s. The women were both asked to leave and, when they didn’t, the cops were called to escort them off of Total Wine’s dance floor.

Barrientos was found in her vehicle, and when the cops addressed her, she allegedly became belligerent. Between that, her bloodshot eyes, alcohol scented breath, and overconfidence in her own dancing abilities, she was taken to the Martin County Jail.

We have no idea whether Barrientos actually quoted the movie to her arresting officers, but we do think that “God wouldn’t have given you maracas if he didn’t want you to shake ‘em” would’ve be a valid defense. Cindy, please mention that to your attorney.