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Video Appears to Show Texas Man Surrender as Deputies Open Fire

Cellphone footage appears to show a 41-year-old man raising at least one of his arms before he is fatally shot by police.
Image via YouTube/Michael Thomas

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Local media in Texas broadcast a video today that shows the deadly killing of Gilbert Flores by two sheriff's deputies in northwest San Antonio last week. The footage appears to show the 41-year-old man with at least one of his arms raised when the police opened fire.

In the cellphone footage, obtained by local media outlet KSAT-12, the Bexar County deputies can be seen in front of a home trailing behind an individual identified as Flores, who lifts one of his arms up before two shots ring out. A telephone pole blocks the view, obscuring what Flores is doing with his other arm.


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The Bexar County Sheriff's Office was reportedly responding to a report of a domestic disturbance on Friday afternoon when deputies encountered Flores holding a knife, along with an injured woman and a baby. The deputies tried to arrest Flores, and used a Taser before resorting to firing guns.

KSAT-12 identified Michael Thomas as the man who filmed the video. "He put his hands in the air, and they just shot him twice," Thomas reportedly said, describing the incident.

The news station obtained the video on Friday, but said they initially decided not to broadcast it in its entirety.

"At that time, we chose not to show the moment he was shot," the station said in an article on its website about the video, noting that since Friday authorities have commented on the matter. The sheriff's office verified on Monday that Flores is the man seen in the video, and wrote on Facebook that it was "diligently working" to finish the investigation. The Bexar County District Attorney's Office is also involved in the investigation.

"Now that there is an ongoing investigation by both agencies, and following additional discussions within our newsroom, KSAT 12 News has decided to make the entire video available online," the station said. "Providing the video on allows for viewers to make their own decision on whether to click on a link to see the video."


According to a CNN report that cites a sheriff's office spokesperson and the Bexar County's district attorney, a second video of the incident exists.

The two deputies, Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez, were put on administrative leave following the shooting. Flores has a criminal record that includes marijuana possession, aggravated assault, and aggravated robbery — with the latest of the three charges occurring in 2003.

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