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On The Line: Danny Gold Discusses Chicago's Mental Health Crisis

Danny Gold joined 'On The Line' to discuss his documentary on America’s mental health care crisis, "Institutionalized: Mental Health Behind Bars."

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Danny Gold joined 'On the Line' to discuss his new piece on America's mental health care crisis, "Institutionalized: Mental Health Behind Bars."

America's relationship with its mentally ill population continues to suffer as a result of inadequacies in the country's mental health care system.

For the mentally ill in Chicago, the effects of this inadequacy are felt on a magnified scale, as budget cuts and a lack of community-based mental health resources have left these individuals with minimal support. More often than not, this means being repeatedly swept up into the criminal justice system for low-level, non-violent crimes


Danny Gold traveled to Chicago for VICE News, to speak with community members on Chicago's south side, and get a first-hand look inside Cook County Jail.

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