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Anonymous Is Threatening to Out the Names of a Thousand KKK Members

"The privacy of the Ku Klux Klan no longer exists in cyberspace," says the hacker collective, which has been sparring with the KKK since Ferguson.
Photo by Alexey Furman/EPA

Hacker collective Anonymous is at it again, and this time its target is the most notorious racist organization in the United States. In a statement on Wednesday, the collective threatened to reveal the identities of up to a thousand Ku Kluk Klan members and affiliates across the United States.

"After closely observing so many of you for so very long, we feel confident that applying transparency to your organizational cells is the right, just, appropriate and only course of action. You are abhorrent. Criminal," the group wrote. "The privacy of the Ku Klux Klan no longer exists in cyberspace."


The threat comes after a year of conflict between the two groups, set off by the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri. In November 2014, a Missouri-based KKK group threatened to attack Ferguson protesters against police brutality, claiming KKK members would use "lethal force" to defend themselves.

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Anonymous responded with #OpKKK and #HoodsOff, hacking into supposed KKK-related social media accounts and revealing personal information, including photos, addresses, and phone numbers of the people behind the accounts.

Now, almost a year after Ferguson, Anonymous has renewed its threats. Some people have responded, asking Anonymous to focus on law enforcement.

We've gained access to yet another KKK Twitter account. Using the info obtained, we will be revealing about 1000 klan member identities.

— Operation KKK (@Operation_KKK)October 22, 2015

— Allan (@boerneaj)October 29, 2015

"You continue to threaten anons and others," Anonymous wrote in its statement. "We never said we would only strike once."

There has not yet been a response from the KKK.