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Marc-Andre Fleury Is the NHL's Most Lovable Troll

Instead of licking the faces of his opponents, the Golden Knights goalie tickles their ears. Take notes, Brad Marchand.
Screen capture via Hockey Night in Canada/YouTube

Picture a lovable, humble, goalie pad-wearing, post-petting, impossible-not-to-root for incarnation of Brad Marchand.

That's Golden Knights netminder Marc-Andre Fleury in a nutshell. One of the best at his position in the world, multiple-time All-Star, a Stanley Cup champion and arguably Vegas' team MVP on a night-to-night-basis.

And the similarities don't stop there, just ask Jets captain Blake Wheeler, who found out first hand that Fleury can stir up shit with the best of them, too.


Let's call it the PG-13 version of Marchand's infamous and ridiculous licking strategy during Boston's short playoff run this season. The masked man with a child's heart chuckled his way through that net-side scrum with a little wet-willy (though we cannot confirm if MAF's finger was actually wet at the time of said tickle) and went on to stone the Jets in the third period of Game 3.

Asked by reporters at the post-same presser to shed light on his ear-tickling prowess, Fleury was all jokes.

Fleury's reaction to the video evidence of his not-so-discreet troll job on Wheeler was absolute gold, too.

The 33-year-old once again put on an absolute show during Game 3 of the Jets-Knights series, making highlight-reel save after highlight-reel save as the former No. 1 pick grabbed his 10th victory of the postseason and brought his club to within two wins of a Stanley Cup final in its first year of existence.

And with a one-of-a-kind personality and unmatchable charm to go along with his Hall of Fame credentials, there aren't too many professional athletes cut from the same glorious cloth as Marc-Andre Fleury.