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Collect Lil B's New and Extremely Rare 'Platinum Flame' Mixtape

28 new self-produced classics from BasedWorld Studios, now available for streaming.

Lil B's last project was Black Ken, the long-awaited DIY mixtape that ended up as a beautiful apotheosis of the BasedGod's talents. Everything was then quiet in BasedWorld for a time, until the surprise arrival of much of B's back catalogue on streaming services earlier this year. Now it seems that the archiving was merely a prelude for B's new tape Platinum Flame, announced via Twitter. Notably, this is the first installment in the esteemed Flame series of mixtapes since 2013's Pink Flame.


It's 28 tracks and nearly two hours long and like Black Ken, it's solely produced by Lil B under his BasedGod alias. You will be confused by the Godfather-parodying intro, you will marvel at B saying he'll fuck his girl's plumber, you will weep during the song that's just composed of joyous shoutouts. In short, it's essential listening for the based converts. Collect Platinum Flame below.

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