What's the Fallout From 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo's Burner Twitter Accounts?

The Philadelphia GM may have had as many as five accounts that he used to talk shit about players and coaches, and reveal sensitive information.
May 30, 2018, 4:36pm
Photo by Brett Davis—USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes there's a story—and I'm talking about the Philadelphia 76ers here—it's the story for its time and place. Because nothing really shouts "2018" more than this story about 76ers president of basketball operations and general manager Bryan Colangelo, reported by The Ringer.

In case you weren't caught up with the virtual lava flow that resulted from the earth cracking open with this story last night, Colangelo was linked to five anonymous Twitter accounts that have leaked sensitive personal information about players, revealed organizational strategies for the draft, and have generally been critical of virtually everyone associated with the 76ers…except Colangelo. When it came to the GM, those accounts had nothing but high praise.


Since the story went public, the 76ers have announced that they are investigating it, and in a league that's already pretty warmed up to dunking on Kevin Durant for his own burner accounts, folks have kept on dunking:

If you're going to come at Joel Embiid on Twitter, you best not miss. Colangelo's alleged alter egos would often get bent out of shape about Sixers fans' love for previous GM Sam Hinkie, and Embiid wasted no time in tweaking the would-be Colangelo while praising Hinkie and "The Process."

Embiid was smart enough to be ambiguous with his shade, and even gave Colangelo the benefit of the innocent-until-guilty doubt.

It's not all fun and roastings, though. Because honestly, what prospective free agents would want to play for the 76ers if this is the kind of shit the president and general manager is pulling? LeBron James will in all likelihood be a free agent this summer. It's long been a fantasy that he would join Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Co. We don't know where he was leaning before, but can you imagine him even thinking about joining The Process now? This huge-collared maniac has invented a whole new version of tanking.

Regardless, Colangelo has denied he was behind the most active accounts, and is now apparently trying to do clean-up work. But he did own up to one of the accounts, @phila1234567. (Which conveniently hasn't tweeted.) He's also talking to the other players who were mentioned in the burners.

There is a slight problem, however:

We will, of course, wait with baited breath for the results of Philly's investigation into some Twitter pettiness, but in the meantime, thank God for the NBA and the 76ers giving us something to talk about during the down time before the Finals. The NBA truly is the gift that keeps on giving.