american conventions

Inside the Annual Gathering of Abe Lincoln Presenters

Ever year, dozens of men and women channeling Abe and Mary Lincoln descend onto Freeport, Illinois.
June 28, 2018, 7:08pm

Each year, members of the Association of Lincoln Presenters come together for a summit, where dozens of Abe Lincolns deck themselves out like the 16th president, and give rousing speeches alongside women dressed like Abe's wife, Mary. It’s a chance for the Lincoln fanatics to hang out with one another and discuss the latest historical finds about the president—all with the goal of keeping his legacy alive.


On this episode of AMERICAN CONVENTIONS, We went to this year’s gathering in Freeport, Illinois, to hear why the presenters rep the 16th president, and ask the locals how they feel about dozens of dudes in top hats and women in petticoats descending on their town.

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