Student Ordered $17 of KFC Just So Delivery Driver Would Help Her Kill a Spider

Helpless baby or resourceful genius? You be the judge.
June 4, 2018, 8:00pm
Photos via Flickr users budak and saechang

According to BBC Focus, the United Kingdom is the home to three spiders that may or may not be interested in biting you: the cellular spider, the woodlouse spider, and the false widow spiders. “Essentially none” of them are really dangerous, but why would anyone take that chance? We’re here for Demi Sweeney, a 22-year-old criminology student who decided that yes, it’s worth paying £13 ($17) to have food delivered, if it means that the driver might be willing to remove the probably-not-at-all-dangerous spider from the wall of your apartment.


Sweeney told Metro that she noticed the spider on her wall early in the morning and tried to deal with it herself. She Googled spider removal techniques but couldn’t bring herself to do any of them, and tried calling her friends who were all like, “Nah, hard pass.” One friend suggested that, if she Deliveroo-ed her lunch, she might be able to convince the driver to deal with it, so she wrote about the situation in the Delivery Notes section of her food order and explained the situation to customer service.

“I ordered a filet burger meal [from KFC] with popcorn chicken and Pepsi, but it didn’t make the £10 delivery charge and that’s the whole point I was ordering, so I added on a cookie and it came to £13,” she confessed. When the driver arrived, she confronted her fear long enough to run past the spider and down the stairs to let him in—and then she learned that he was afraid of spiders, too.

After some “begging,” dude walked upstairs with a handful of toilet paper, accidentally knocked the spider off the wall and onto the floor, and then eventually caught and disposed of it. “Joe, you are an actual LIFESAVER,” she tweeted afterwards.

Sweeney admitted that she was a longtime arachnophobe, and has suffered through bouts of insomnia because “[she] thought that spiders were in my room at all times.” Despite the fear, she says that her Deliveroo-branded spider catcher was probably a one-time thing, because there really aren’t too many reasons to spend $17 on one KFC meal.

“Another example of the younger generation lacking common sense and not being able to do anything without google,” one commenter sighed. “This world is doomed!!”

Not sure why Google is being dragged into this—except for answering the question “Can a spider bite me to death?” with related phrases like “brink of death” and pages of terrifying pictures that no one should look at under any circumstances. Uh… hi, Deliveroo? Can you please bring me some chicken korma and glue-gun me into a giant spider-proof box? I tip well.