Aries, September 2016


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Aries, September 2016

September is stressful, but you can handle it! Your whole routine is going to change this month.
September 1, 2016, 1:00pm

Your whole routine is going to change this month, Aries. Are you ready? Big shifts in your relationships are also on the way! September is a stressful: Not only is Mercury retrograde in Virgo, but we also have two eclipses, plus Saturn and Neptune creating rough vibes. If anyone is tough enough to handle this month, it's you! Let's take a look at your month ahead:

September opens with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, which will completely fuck you up if you've been disorganized. Have you been keeping things in order? Good, Aries, that means this retrograde will only be typically annoying, instead of extraordinarily annoying. This Mercury retrograde began on August 30 and will end on September 22 (the same day as the autumn equinox, yay)!


You know the Mercury retrograde drill: Communication will be fucked up and everything will be delayed, so don't plan travel, buy anything expensive or electronic, or do any important paperwork, like signing contracts, right now.

This Mercury retrograde will be activating the sector of your chart that rules your health, your daily routine, and your day job, so expect all these themes to be confused or convoluted this month. However, Mercury retrograde is good for something: slowing down and rethinking your decisions (especially the ones you've made since August 10).

Taking care of yourself, getting organized, and embracing healthy habits is major early this month.

Your schedule will certainly undergo a change. Does this mean a new job? Or a new schedule at your current workplace? Does this mean adjusting your health regimen? Getting used to a new neighborhood after a big move? Going to a new dog park everyday because your ex lives by your old one? Going to a new cafe each morning because another ex spends their morning there now, too? I don't know, Aries, but I'm sure you do!

Taking care of yourself, getting organized, and embracing healthy habits is also major early this month because of the September 1 solar eclipse in Virgo. This eclipse signals the end of an era in your life and the beginning of something new. Eclipses also bring things to light that we previously couldn't see: Major revelations about your habits and why you engage in them will come through.


Right between this month's two eclipses, we have Saturn in Sagittarius square (one of the most intense astrological aspects) Neptune in Pisces on September 10. Saturn is the planet of structure and obligations, whereas Neptune rules fog, dreams, other realms, the imagination— all stuff that is unstructured! When these two planets clash, the vibe is anxious. People will be acting from a place of fear, and everyone will feel lost. And, because it's Mercury retrograde during this time, those who feel lost won't even be able to rely on good directions! It's truly a stressful time.

Think back to November 2015 and June of this year—those were the last times that Saturn and Neptune squared, so you'll notice themes from that time in your life popping back up again. Fearing the unknown is big for you right now, Aries. You're not sure what you believe in, and tapping into your intuition will actually stress you out—you want clarity and logic, not possibilities and feelings. It won't be easy to get what you want. My best advice for you is to find friends you love and who inspire you who you can vent to about your worries. Talking will be very healing right now. Also, please remember that even though right now you feel like everything is hopeless and meaningless, this will pass!

Please remember that even though right now you feel like everything is hopeless and meaningless, this will pass!

The second eclipse of the month arrives on September 16: the lunar eclipse in Pisces! You know how we just discussed how meaningless you'll find everything during the Saturn/Neptune square? This eclipse in philosophical, spiritual Pisces will bring some major breakthroughs on that front! Again, eclipses reveal things and show us our world in a new light. During this eclipse, totally new ways of understanding the world and finding meaning will arrive. Parts of yourself that were hidden to you will be revealed. Old secrets will be unearthed, helping you make sense of life and why things happen the way they do.


Maintaining your responsibilities and your health and being organized is major this month, as you know. During this Pisces eclipse, if you've been slacking off, you will find yourself extremely burned out. Even if you've been working your butt off, this will be an important time for you to relax, unwind, and recharge. If you need deeper healing—perhaps going to rehab—this eclipse could lead you there. Be very gentle with yourself this month, Aries, and don't be afraid to seek help. This is a powerful time for rebirth.

The later half of the month is major for your relationships! In fact, the whole next year will be big, thanks the lucky planet Jupiter entering partnership-oriented Libra on September 9, where it will stay until October 10, 2017. This is great, as Libra rules the relationship sector of your chart!

If you're hoping to pull in a relationship, Jupiter in Libra has your back. So many people will be coming your way that you might even be overwhelmed by the choices. Shortly after Jupiter enters Libra, so does the Sun, which will shine even more light on the relationship sector of your chart! Who do you want to partner with? What does good give and take mean to you? Who is your type? These are all things you'll want to reflect on.

Another day you'll want to circle in your calendar for relationship news is September 26, when the Sun and Jupiter meet in Libra. But watch out: Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, which can sometimes spell trouble—people will be extra today. You'll also be in an intense mood on this day, thanks to power planet Pluto ending its retrograde in driven Earth sign Capricorn. You'll be engrossed by your professional goals or your reputation, but relationships could stress you out since they will demand so much of your attention.


The later half of the month is major for your relationships! In fact, the whole next year will be big.

You're one of the most independent signs in the zodiac, Aries, so you certainly need to partner with people who aren't interested in entering any power struggles with you. If you have a situation like this going on in your life, the new moon in Libra, which arrives on September 30, will be a fantastic time for you to claim a fresh start in your life. New moons are all about new beginnings, and you're ready for new relationships!

Lovely Libra is charming and intellectual, and it's the sign of balance—Libra doesn't want things to get too intense. Scorpio, on the other hand, does! Seductive Venus will be entering Scorpio on September 23, so expect some excitement in your intimate relationships. This is also a wonderfully healing time for you emotionally, so find a trusted friend or counselor and vent! Money—especially cash you share with others, or your debts and taxes or even inheritances—will also be blessed with good vibes by Venus. If you need more money or more loving, Venus in Scorpio will deliver.

On September 27, your ruling planet Mars enters Capricorn, igniting the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune. Professional goals you're eager to achieve will be easy to conquer with warrior Mars on your side. All the hard work you'll do earlier this month in terms of getting yourself organized will pay off on this date! It will be obvious to everyone around you how dedicated you are.

It's said that Aries people can never start what they finish. I think you and I both know this is pretty true; however, when you do get it done, you always come in first place! See you in October, Aries!