This story is over 5 years old.

Beatboxing Looks Pretty Gross From Inside the Throat

Say “Ahhhh!”

The hottest club right now is this beatboxer's larynx.

YouTuber and Australian musician Tom Thum's first episode of his web series "Live from the Larynx" takes place inside his own throat. Are you eating right now? Maybe stop before watching.

Thum visits an ENT doctor and laryngeal surgeon to find out what the inside of his throat is doing while he's making those otherworldly beatboxing sounds. The doctor threads a flexible camera up his nose, past his tonsils and hovers over the larynx to get a good look. Another rigid camera checks things out from inside his mouth.

As Dr. Matthew Broadhurst explains in the video—and as we learned from playing with that weird-ass speech simulator last month—most of the sound is controlled by the movements of the tongue, and the range of shapes the tongue can make. The contractions of the larynx play a part, too.

Somehow, Thum's still able to produce a few beats with several cameras inserted in his face. It's just slightly muted, like listening to an EDM concert from outside of the venue. If the venue was gross and pink and covered in spit.